Welcome to the Allied Media Conference 2015! 

Setareh Mohammadi

Reiki/mamanjoon Energy Healing with a sprinkle of Shiatsu body-work: The energy and bodywork I do is rooted in my ancestral medicine knowledge and that of Japanese traditions of Reiki (Usui & Tibetan Reiki Ryoho - Level 2) and Shiatsu(Masunaga Shiatsu/Zen Shiatsu with techniques from traditional Thai massage and Chi Nei Tsang AKA internal organ massage.)Energy healing/Reiki can be done hands on or hands off and draws upon the energies of natural elements to strengthen, release or redirect energy flow and Shiatsu uses techniques of finger, hand, elbow, and knee pressure applied to the acupuncture meridians. Both allow "ki" or universal energy to flow and support the body’s innate wisdom to heal and promote physical, emotional, and spiritual balance. Clients remain in their clothes.

My Presenters Sessions

Saturday, June 20

4:00pm EDT

Sunday, June 21

10:00am EDT

1:00pm EDT