Welcome to the Allied Media Conference 2015! 

Hannah Jane Sassaman

Media Mobilizing Project
Hannah is the policy director at Media Mobilizing Project (MMP). She's currently leading a local-to-national campaign to force Comcast to pay their fair share and expand the right to communicate. She came to MMP as a trainer in communications, legislative planning and strategy, and as a longtime media justice organizer. As the Campaign Director at the Prometheus Radio Project, Hannah helped lead and design the grassroots organizing and legislative strategy that resulted in the passage of the Local Community Radio Act - a bill that opened up the FM dial to thousands more community radio stations nationwide. Hannah is a member of the Board of Directors of Allied Media Projects, a trustee at theValentine Foundation, and a board member at Fight for the Future. She is also the mom of incredible preschooler Sara Bela Sassaman Marcus, and the partner of brilliant community programmer Josh Marcus.

My Presenters Sessions

Saturday, June 20

11:00am EDT