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Antonio Rafael

The Raiz Up
Antonio Cosme is an xicana boricua writer, public speaker, entrepreneur, educator, artist, bee keeper and farmer from Southwest, Detroit. Having graduated Eastern Michigan University with double major in Political Science and Economics at a time when the State took over the city of Detroit through Emergency Management, a great deal of his work has been dedicated to lecturing, writing, and acting in opposition to the neoliberal assault on his city and attacks on water. His viral street art has been featured in movies, articles and research papers. Antonio cofounded the Raiz Up art collective in 2012, a xicano and indigenous hiphop collective using art as way to create consciousness and support movement #Raizup. More than just resisting the abuse of public goods, land, water and people, Antonio is working to transform his community through organizing, artistic endeavors and ecological community development through his farm #swgrows and the #SWBeetroit a new cooperative honey beekeeping business.
Antonio Rafael, Xicano Boricua educator, farmer, artist and community organizer/activist from Southwest, Detroit cofounded the Raiz Up art collective focused on decolonial edutainment and supporting movement in 2012. He fights against watershutoffs/neoliberal policies with the People’s Water Board and Detroit’ers Resisting Emergency Management. More than resisting the abuse of land, water and people, Antonio combined his love for culture, art and growing food, by he started #SWGrows urban farm

My Presenters Sessions

Friday, June 19

2:00pm EDT