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Friday, June 19

8:00am EDT

9:00am EDT

11:00am EDT

12:45pm EDT

2:00pm EDT

A People's Oral History of Detroit in Pictures McGregor: Room J Collective Intergalactic Space Travel McGregor: Room H Deploying and Customizing a Wordpress Theme Education Building: Room 169 DIY Audio Cables McGregor: Room E Domestic Worker Disco Community Arts Auditorium Envisioning and Modeling Our Future Cities McGregor: Room C Get Yr Rights: LGBTQTS Youth Working to End Police Violence State Hall: Room 213 Healing Sessions McGregor: Room L/M New Frontier Native Forum State Hall: Room 106 Our Bodies Our Sounds: Creation to Recording State Hall: Room 214 Performative and Collaborative Writing with The Dining Room Art Education: Room 156 Visionary Resistance & Resilience-Based Organizing McGregor: Room F/G Kickstarting & Sustaining TQPOC Artists State Hall: Room 137 Public Libraries & Food Justice: Plant Seeds of Success Art Education: Room 158 We Don’t Even Know Who They’re Trying to Kill Education Building: Room 204 What Does Justice Look Like? State Hall: Room 131 GIRLilla Tactics Film Screening & Dialogue McGregor: Room B Positive Force: 'More Than A Witness' Film Screening DeRoy Auditorium: Room 146 Collective Leadership for the People Education Building: Room 200 Facilitating Community Driven Improvements in Parks Education Building: Room 189 Making an Open Internet a Reality State Hall: Room 219 Reimagining Healing and Healthcare in the U.S. State Hall: Room 128 Tour: From Growing Our Economy to Growing Our Souls Community Arts South Entrance Young Nation Tour of Detroit Community Arts South Entrance

4:00pm EDT

Be the True Wheel McGregor: Room F/G Data Visualization for the Movement McGregor: Room J Fixit Friday: Community, Self-Reliance, and Repair Education Building: Room 189 Healing Sessions McGregor: Room L/M Holding Space: Anti-Oppressive Facilitation State Hall: Room 208 How to be a Street Medic: Skills for Actions & Beyond State Hall: Room 128 If You Dream It, It Will Come McGregor: Room H Love on Our Own Terms: Relationships, Zines and Change State Hall: Room 213 Making Meaningful Media McGregor: Room E New Frontier Native Forum Part 2 State Hall: Room 106 Performing Wireless: Making a Human Mesh McGregor: Room C Reflections on B&P National LGBTQ Prisoner Survey Art Education: Room 156 Sidewalk Science: Knowledge Sharing in the Streets! Education Building: Room 200 Technological Empowerment 101 for Femmes of Color Education Building: Room 169 Creator Kinship: Building Your Music Career Art Education: Room 158 Health Instead of Punishment: Research Shifts the Frame State Hall: Room 131 Hear Me Now: All Media Open Mic Community Arts Auditorium Legacy, Love, Liberation: Mangos with Chili's Final Bow Education Building: Room 204 Preserving the Power: A Community-Based Archive State Hall: Room 137 Storysharing for Culture & Policy Shift McGregor: Room B 'Changing Face of Harlem' Film Screening Education Building: Room 300 Is this Real Life or is this Fantasy? DeRoy Auditorium: Room 146 Movement Building & Collective Liberation State Hall: Room 214 Tour: From Growing Our Economy to Growing Our Souls (continued) Community Arts South Entrance Young Nation Tour of Detroit (continued) Community Arts South Entrance

5:45pm EDT

7:30pm EDT

8:00pm EDT

10:00pm EDT


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